Be Inteha Last Episode 28 Urdu1


Watch Be Inteha last Episode 28 Urdu1 HD Drama 18 October 2017. Be Inteha Urdu1 Last Episode 28 in HD 18 October 2017. Be Inteha Urdu1 Drama 18 October 2017 Episode 26 Full.

Beinteha Urudu1 Tv Drama 18 October 2017 is a journey of love, of sacrifice, and the reality that no matter what, life has to go on till its destined to end. They say it isn’t love if you haven’t given every bit of yourself away, such is the story of Bisma, who is all ready to marry her family friend Ali but the love and romance she had always been dreaming of is missing from this bond.

Starring: Rubina Ashraf,Sami Khan,Naveen Waqar,Waseem Abbas,Shaista Jabeen,Faris Shafi, Ghana Tahir, Maryum Mirza, Zubi Majeed, Khawaja Shahdab, Asma Omer, Ahmed Murtaza, Adi Adeel, Shabir Rana, Adil Wadiya
Directed By: Qasim Ali Mureed
Written By: Rida Bilal


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