Chandni Begum Episode 45 Full Ary Digital


Chandni Begum Episode 45 Ary Digital New Drama 4 December 2017. Chandni Begum Full Episode 45 Ary Digital 4 December 2017. Chandni Begum Ep 45 – 4 December 2017 Published on ARY Digital, Chandni Begum Episode 45 Watch Dramas Online Full Episode Video Dailymotion.

Chandni Begum 4 December Story of two siblings and their children. As the children develop liking for each other, things start getting complicated. The elder daughter-in-law Chandni Begum has the controlling powers in all the family matters which she manipulates over everyone to maintain her stronghold over the house.

Starring: Erum Akhtar, Kunwar Arsalan, Sohail Asgher, Arooha Khan, Kainat Chuhuan, Haddy Firdousi, Arjumand Hussain, Jahanara Hai, Umair Hameed, Sara Razi
Directed By: Misbah Nosheen
Written By: Shahid Younus


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